Air Hockey Tables’ Dimensions Best Air Hockey Table Sizes For You

“As far as price is concerned, the biggest differential consumers will see is the actual construction of the table itself; whether that be MDF or a plastic composite,” LaBarre shares. It’s a good idea to carefully measure (and re-measure) your space before you buy one to make sure you have not only enough room to fit the unit, but also space for each player to move around with ease. 99Sportz is go-to source for all the things you require to know in context to sports, such as – product reviews, best sports equipment, etc. We are a group of sports enthusiasts who aspire to share valuable sports insights with our audience. Heavyweight is a result of high duty material used to construct the table and a heavier motor it is equipped with. Ryan knows everything when it comes to gaming, both online and offline.

Their weight ranges from 20 to 55 pounds, making it convenient to carry them as compared to a big sized table. If you want to introduce your kids to air hockey, these tables are an excellent option to begin with. With the help of these tables your kids will start learning how to play air hockey. As they grow old and know the basics, you can gradually shift them to adult air hockey tables. The dimensions of air hockey tables used in official leagues and tournaments must meet the requirement of the United States Air Hockey Association and the Air Hockey Player Association . Brunswick, Dynamo Brown Top, and Gold Standard Games are the only brands with full size air hockey table dimensions that have been officially approved or sanctioned by USAA.

We reviewed hundreds of products ourselves and consulted expert assessments and read through thousands of consumer reviews before making our final choices. Given the physical nature of the game, it only makes sense that air hockey tables should be sufficiently spacious to allow both the puck and the players room to maneuver. My kids are cheering in the other room as I write this review. We have five kids ages 7 and under and decided to redo the garage as a game room for their Christmas present and an air hockey table was first on their list. The lights and sounds are so fun but it’s also nice that there’s an off switch for that portion. The table is sturdy and the handle things charge via USB which is convenient if you have any phone plugs already in your house which I bet 99% of the population does.

The innovative new technology featured in the Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table brings light to the darkness and adds an additional degree of excitement to game play. The following tables will give you an idea of how much space an air hockey table will take up in your home . This means that the space required for an average-sized table must be at least 10 feet by 6.67 feet. It’s big enough for both adults and kids to enjoy a game, and if it’s a broad model like the Pro Ice, it might even be suitable for doubles.

By eliminating things like flashing lights and overhead electronic scoring, the company is able to offer the Tournament Ice at a comparatively lower price than many tables with these functions. A full-sized table is similar to the conductor of an orchestra. The airflow, the surface, and rails on full-sized tables are designed to support the best pucks, the best mallets, and deliver the highest level of game play.

Not only will it take a lot of space in your home, it will eat up a big chunk of change, too. Dynamo ® commercial quality construction and exceptional graphics! Aluminum rails for fast puck deflection Impact-resistant playing surface and durable laminate cabinet for years of play. There is a wide range of table sizes available for air hockey, and each one serves a different purpose. All gamers, from novices to veterans, can have a great time with it. However, not every air hockey player has the same table preferences.

The interactive table has in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects as well as in-game displays. This is big enough for all of the players to have a rapid, chaotic game, with plenty of room for strategic shooting and deft rebounding. The larger tables would need several strong men to get it from the truck and into position without trouble.

A commonly overlooked aspect of an air hockey table is the quality of the side walls on the playfield. The sidewalls are what the sportcraft turbo hockey table puck bounces off of during game play. The more solid the wall the better deflection and rebound you are going to get from it.

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