Aegis Interceptor Goalie Neck Guard

IMPACT PROTECTIVE NECK GUARD FEATURING D30® A lightweight and low-profile neck guard featuring D3O® impact protection. IMPACT + SLASH PROTECTIVE NECK GUARD Our Interceptor Bib neck guard provides maximum protection for hockey players. IMPACT + SLASH PROTECTIVE NECK GUARD The Interceptor neck guard provides maximum protection for hockey players. The main benefit to wearing a neck guard is the fact that it is nice and snug right to your neck, and offers more protection directly on the body. This is a great style to wear since it easily integrates into your base layer gear. However, it doesn’t offer the exact same protection as a standard neck guard would offer.

Premium Material– Shock Doctor has constructed this hockey neck guard with premium cut-resistant aramid fiber reinforced core, with a soft knit lining and durable exterior. This is a premium neck guard that is designed to deliver roku microsd lightweight and comfortable protection, and is one of the best neck guards on the market. The comfortable, lightweight Interceptor has been tested and proven to substantially reduce the force of an impact to the neck area.

Our equipment is designed to be lighter, more comfortable, and more protective than any other in the market. Neck guards protect against sharp objects such as blades or sticks from cutting the neck.Neck guards in hockey protect the most vital areas of a hockey player’s neck. The neck is very prone to being cut and a laceration can puncture a nerve or artery.

It needs to take punishment and keep on performing, game after game, while still allowing them to be fast, nimble and agile. The Aegis Interceptor G is the most flexible, performance oriented neck guard for goalies ever designed. Constructed using a durable, flexible Nylon Spandex – the Interceptor G breathes, moves and forms to the athlete. Housing our exclusive D3O® impact protection material, the Interceptor protects while still allowing full range of motion.

The main benefit to wearing a dangler over a neck guard is the fact that it’s much lighter, and more breathable. And, even if it isn’t required—you should definitely consider wearing one when playing youth hockey, since a lot of kids are still learning to play the game and can be injured. This neck guard is designed similarly to the standard neck guard in that it wraps around the neck.

Hockey neck guards are a piece of protective equipment worn around the hockey player’s neck.They come in a few different styles and are worn by both goalies as well as skaters. Neck guards offer protection against lacerations and damage to the neck area. Injuries in the past such as one suffered by goaltender Clint Malarchuck in 1989 have made the necessity for neck guards even greater. Malarchuk took an errant skate blade to the neck, and almost died on the ice. Size – You need to consider sizing when choosing a hockey neck guard.

Nonetheless, neck guards are still important pieces of protective equipment and it’s recommended for any youth hockey players to wear one. This Interceptor neck guard features innovative technology that is designed to keep players safe from the average stick in the neck to more acute impacts potentially delivered to the neck area. Powered by D30 impact protection, the Interceptor uses a soft, flexible material that locks on impact then returns to its original state. Most neck protectors will cost less than $30.Goalie neck guards, which offer more protection than neck protectors, can usually be found for around $60 or less. Neck guard shirts can be the most expensive as they have multiple functions and can range in price from $40 to $80.

The NHL does not require neck guards and they are very rarely worn. This neck guard is a little stiffer to enhance protection and durability over some of the soft neck guards. Wide range of Adjustability – The Shock Doctor neck guard easily accommodates all sizes and fits. The adjustable elastic Velcro strap lets every player set the neck guard to any fit for optimum performance. Ultra Lightweight – The lightweight material Aegis used make this one of the lightest neck guards on the market, to ensure you will barely feel it during the game. Moisture-wicking fabric – The Aegis Neck Guard offers lmoisture-wicking fabric to ensure a quick drying and comfortable neck guard.

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