Advice on How To Claim a Facebook Page Created By Someone Else?

Now, if you know that your business does not have a Facebook page, it’s time to create one. Followthis link for quick access to Facebook’s support team. Click “Get Started” and give Facebook as much detail as possible into your situation.

Unfortunately, this is a question that the Green Umbrella team are asked each week on our live chat. Sadly, it is very difficult to get control of your page if someone else has set it up and then left the company, but there is hope. We would recommend instigating “chat” with the support team at Facebook.

People always want to know where an event is being held for example, as the event’s proximity to them will influence whether they go or not. Now check your inbox and click the link to confirm your subscription. On the new screen, follow the directions to claim your page.

Fortunately, now that they have Business Manager, it will be much easier moving forward. Unfortunately, old pages are not as easy to facebook premiere video get back. I have had luck getting access to “abandoned” pages via Facebook customer service, but the process is a bit cumbersome.

What you choose depends on if you already have a Facebook page. If you already have a Facebook page for the same business, select the merge option. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, choose claim and verify to take control of the page. After choosing an option, click continue. Once you click “Is this your business? It’s a big myth that Facebook pages can’t be claimed or that it’s impossible to take control of a Facebook page that’s for your business but that you don’t have ownership of.

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Go to Facebook and search for your business in the search bar. You do not need a GPS-enabled device to do this; you can do this from your desktop. From there, you can click “Location,” and add or edit your address.

Your customers can come across these unmanaged Facebook pages of your business while searching for the original one. Notice that the page for what people have marked location is made when they checked in for that location. You can also merge the page with an existing Facebook business page you own by claiming the page and following the instructions from Facebook here.

Once Facebook confirms the hack, you can continue with this method.This method will only work if you once had administrative rights to a Page but were removed by someone else. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. You can claim a Facebook page that has no admin by clicking on the ‘Is this your business’ link on a Facebook page without admin.

The first reason is that someone else claimed ownership already; this is possible, though not necessarily common. It may be that someone else runs a business with the same name as yours, and has established their own Page. You will not be able to claim this Page, nor should you. If it is blank or largely unused, you can claim it.

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