9 Steps to More Effective Parenting for Parents

Kids who participate in decisions are more motivated to carry them out. Avoid making loaded statements or using words as weapons. Comments like “What a stupid thing to do!” or “You act more like a baby than your little brother!” cause damage just as physical blows do.

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An Education Supervision Order is usually granted if the only problem is a child’s non-school attendance. The court can refuse an order if they think the child’s behaviour isn’t only about education. If your child is referred by their school to the EWS for absenteeism, the EWS will first arrange for an Education Welfare Officer to visit your home. This visit provides the EWO with an opportunity to assess whether your child’s absence is condoned by you as the parent and if you are in a position to make sure your child attends school regularly. Your child’s school should have an attendance policy in place and made available to you, normally from the school website.

Similarly, students in the United States have Senior Skip Day. The date for skip day varies among different schools. In the Eastern United States, Senior Skip Day is often celebrated on the last Friday before Spring Break, or in some cases, the Monday after prom. FreelanceMom is a blog for working mothers who are focused on freelancing and/or entrepreneurship.


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Through our pages, we want our readers to feel understood, supported and empowered to make healthy parenting and life choices. Attendance legal intervention can only be used for pupils of compulsory school age and decisions should be made on an individual case by case basis. In addition to a prison sentence and fine, many states also require convicted parents to enter educational programs.

Tell the child that each time he does something the first time he is asked, a happy face will be placed in a square. When all the squares are completed, he will earn a reward. If one of you is disciplining a child and the other enters the room, that other person should not step in on the argument in progress. “Home-school mom charged with allowing truancy”.

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