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The SwingAway® will make you a better hitter regardless of age or skill level. Steel with 12 pockets laced with a #60 nylon net to a 1/2 in. Learn to pitch inside successfully and how to handle hitters who crowd the plate.

The Pocket was developed for either beginning or seasoned pitchers. The adjustable legs are perfect for dialing in the strike zone at any age level. The SwingAway PRO- XXL – is the Largest SwingAway Model available making this machine a strong and most durable Hitting Machine ever built. The Pro XXL is easy to assemble with most of the components pre-assembled. It is more of a Stationary Machine but folds base to frame in seconds for maximum storability and portability.

All SwingAway Hitting Systems are covered with a special 90 day Limited Warranty which covers all defects in material and workmanship for the original owner only. This warranty does not cover cords, bungees, balls and other parts due to normal use. The warranty does not cover institutional or commercial use or the misuse by any other consumer. The SwingAway Hitting Trainer has been in existence for over 20 years, the reason being is that It works! Tens of thousands of players have discovered new found confidence at the plate. The SwingAway allows players to react to the pitch, and spend less time worrying about their mechanics.

This system is engineered to be stronger, more durable and easier to assemble than any other SwingAway hitting station. The new MVP 2.0 features upgraded black powder coated tubing, thicker stronger cords and a better pulley system for maximum strength and durability. The MVP is the most affordable SwingAway but don’t let the price fool you, this machine rocks. You will become a better hitter and see instant results by training on this machine. The patented SwingAway is the most effective and efficient batting training aid for a hitter to get maximum quality swings in the shortest amount of time.

Help pitchers develop enhanced mental focus and concentration for consistent command of his/her pitches. Great target for pitchers kutztown dorms to practice pick-off moves to various bases. Provides the feel of live hitting without chasing or picking up the balls.

The SwingAway Bryce Harper MVP is engineered to be a stronger, more durable and even easier to assemble. This SwingAway Model is specifically designed for the Home Training of all players regardless of age or ability and for Team Use up to 13u. The SwingAway allows varsity and youth players to Train Year- Round on the Most Effective and Popular Professional Training Station ever made. This unit features a Burnt Red Color for the Base and Frame with Black Poles, Much Easier to Assemble.

Designed by former MLB players and coaches to develop proper swing mechanics, bat speed, power, and confidence. The batter will be trained through repitition and muscle memory to develop the perfect fundamental swing while learning to hit any pitch location to the appropriate field with increased power. Our unique training mat allows hitters to focus on inside and outside pitches.

In conjunction with the height adjustment feature of our hitting systems, you are able to simulate hitting the ball in any portion of the strike zone. This product “Grows with your pitcher” meaning, as they advance their skills, the ZONE-IN presents a more refined focused target to throw to. The Specific Isolate zones train Pitchers for concentrate or Zone-In on that target zone similar to the Catchers Target in a Game Situation.

Once verified, the information you provide will be displayed on our site. Enter your first name and email address below to get our free eBook that is packed with good information and drills. Just ask Washington Nationals Player Bryce Harper why he endorses and uses the product. The frame is protected with vinyl covered foam which is reinforced with grommets. Very good get alot of work in ,in a short time.the only problem is the bundgee for top pulley is starting to fray you need to put a least one extra in packing Incase of the situation.

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