8 little-known facts about Bellatrix Lestrange even die-hard ‘Harry Potter’ fans may have missed

Her hair colouring thus differed from most of the House of Black, who generally had dark hair, though Narcissa did possess the arrogant good looks that were a common characteristic of her family. Despite her physical differences to her sisters, Bellatrix and Andromeda, Harry Potter did describe her as resembling Bellatrix somewhat, though Narcissa was as fair as Bellatrix was dark. During the final phase of the Battle what is the difference between dro and weed of Hogwarts, Voldemort attempted to kill Harry Potter in the Forbidden Forest using the Killing Curse. Voldemort demanded that someone check to see if Harry was, in fact, dead, a deed no one wanted to perform. Perhaps seeing an opportunity to discover her son’s current condition, Narcissa volunteered. Seeing that Harry was still alive, she used the opportunity to covertly ask Harry if he knew of Draco’s well-being.

In this play, which takes place over 19 years after The Deathly Hallows, it is revealed that Bellatrix is the mother of the story’s antagonist Delphini, whom she had with Lord Voldemort during their stay at Malfoy Manor prior to the Battle of Hogwarts. At the beginning of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Bellatrix attempts to keep Narcissa from confiding Draco’s secret mission to Snape at Spinner’s End. Rowling used the conversation between Snape and Bellatrix to imply that Voldemort is still furious at Bellatrix’s failure in the previous book. That conversation also suggests that Bellatrix mistrusts Snape not only because of his low birth, but also for many valid questions about his loyalty to the Dark Lord. Snape surprises Bellatrix by replying to each of her arguments and by agreeing to create an Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa to assist Draco in his mission to kill Dumbledore.

Narcissa took necessary measures to protect her family, including lying to Voldemort about Harry Potter being dead during the Battle of Hogwarts, an act which saved the Malfoys from serving time in Azkaban following the Dark Lord’s defeat. Although never officially a Death Eater herself, Narcissa believed in the importance of blood purity and supported her husband in following Lord Voldemort during the First and Second Wizarding Wars. This changed, however, when her husband was incarcerated in Azkaban and her son’s life was put in jeopardy by Voldemort. Shes the sexiest Death Eater and one of the best characters in any series ever. It is inferred by the book and some fans that Bellatrix may have some sort of relationship with her leader, Lord Voldemort beyond a purely devoted follower one.

However, as Narcissa betrayed Voldemort and left him, the entire Malfoy family was granted a reprieve and avoided incarceration in Azkaban. Narcissa would eventually become a grandmother to Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Draco and his wife Astoria Greengrass. Later that month, Narcissa went shopping for school supplies with Draco at Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions, where she had a heated confrontation with Harry Potter and his friends. He taunted her about Lucius’s imprisonment, and she responded by coldly alluding to the recent death of his godfather, after which she haughtily departed with her son to Twilfitt and Tattings, as she did not wish to shop at Madam Malkin’s anymore. Is alive or dead, but she chooses to announce that Harry is dead—thereby protecting him—so that she can enter Hogwarts and find Draco.

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Though her sister Bellatrix managed to escape imprisonment, Narcissa was distraught over her husband’s incarceration, as well as Voldemort’s subsequent treatment of her family. That summer, she ventured to Severus Snape’s home at Spinner’s End, accompanied by Bellatrix, to discuss Voldemort’s orders for Draco to murder Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Narcissa survived the final battle of the Second Wizarding War and later had a grandson, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, through her son’s marriage to Astoria Greengrass. However, Narcissa disliked Astoria for her stance on blood tolerance.

The late Helen McCrory was set to play Bellatrix in “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” But she became pregnant prior to filming and was unable to play the role. Lord Voldemort may have been the ultimate villain of the “Harry Potter” series, but Bellatrix Lestrange was evil, sadistic, and worst of all, always striving for the Dark Lord’s love and respect. The villainous Bellatrix Lestrange was one of the most feared characters in “Harry Potter.” Hermione Granger is the first Muggleborn Slytherin has no idea what is in store for her. Andromeda hasnt spoke to her sisters in years, not since she ran away with Ted, and now somehow she has been dragged along for the ride, without any understanding of what the hell is going on. Bellatrix is a member of the Black Family and is the cousin of Sirius Black.

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