7 No Fuss Hairstyles for Thanksgiving This Year .

All of these Thanksgiving hairstyles are simple and easy to do on your own. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who flaunts her curls. Make your stunning locks the center of attention while giving thanks this year. Create a deep part with this hairstyle to make your face the center of attention. It is an effortless look that won’t take you more than five minutes. You have the option to go with this hairstyle when you hit the stores during the Black Friday sale and expect tons of compliments.

This is another hairstyle that is low maintenance yet chic. Follow these detailed and straightforward methods to create the perfect pineapple hairstyle that will last for hours. Scrunchies are making a huge comeback this year, and they’re really easy to work with. It’s perfect for girls who don’t want to mess with their hair too much on Thanksgiving. For a Thanksgiving hairstyle that even Blair Waldorf would approve of, throw on a knotted or embellished headband. After misting on a heat protectant and shine spray, clamp a 1.25-inch ceramic flat iron around your dry hair.

A great way to get a thicker-looking braid is to braid hair when it’s wavy or curly – aka you want to make sure you’re starting with textured hair. For this undo you’ll need a hair tie and bobby pins. Depending on your hair length, you might what type of hair do you need for butterfly locs need a lot of them. Grounded, dependable Taurus, you’re all about the tried and true. Go with what you know and curl some light waves through your strands. Top it off with a simple headband for an easy look that still makes a statement.

Missy Sue has an excellent video that teaches you precisely what to do with minimal skills. I absolutely love this “easier than it looks updo” tutorial by Kate from The Small Things Blog. The trick is to add plenty of texture to keep them from looking too young. Take a cue from Kerry Washington and pair double French braids with a suit to be the best dressed at the function. If you’re hungover from the night before , scrape your hair into a bun, and embellish with every bright clip you own. Let cool before breaking up the finished curls with your fingers.

Not only does it leave a little mystery to the rest of your appearance, but it saves you time getting all dolled up. The right hat jazzes up any old ensemble within seconds. If your hair is not cooperating and you just want to cover it up, popping on a hat can be the solution. Keep your hair down or even tie it back if you prefer it to be out of your way. These easy, beachy, and bohemian waves would pair so well with a dress on Thanksgiving. In contrast to the other waves tutorial we shared earlier, these are softer and more undone.

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