50+ Unforgettable DnD Druid Names

A druid sorcerer, Ari is an ally with Morgana and the arch-rival of Merlin. Short, sweet, and concise, it can make a great name for a boy. The name means “God’s helper” and is of Hebrew origin. If you are a firm believer in God, then the name sound angelic. It means “adaptable” and “long-lived.” It is a new kind of mythical name for a druid.

It means “bright and shiny,” which denotes the sun. Lugh was also a shy herb master and druid known to heal and create different potions in the Irish Fenian mythology. A reputed druid chieftain who kept several closely guarded druid secrets, Isledir was a seer and a gifted fortune teller. Of Celtic origin, the name roughly means “soldier” or “brave”.

In the second edition of the game ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons,’ their role was to act as advisors to the chieftains who greatly influenced their tribesmen. In ‘Dungeons & Dragons,’ 3rd edition, the druids can use various forms of weaponry. However, they lose the ability to cast spells or changing into animal form if they wear metal armor, although they can have a special animal companion.

If you have a boy who has red hair, then this name is perfect. Or Irish descent, the name means “red-haired.” Red hair to the druids was an initial sign of magical ability, and the name became very popular. A famous poet and bard, Oisin contributed immensely to the literature of the Fenian cycle. His work is respected across Scotland and Ireland and sheds a lot of light on the lifestyle of the druids. Nuada is an important figure in Irish folklore and translates to “cloud maker.” Nuada was respected as one of the first Nuadat family and trained many druids and warlocks. A name of English origin, it means “coastal land.” The name will remind you of Clark Kent, a powerful character from the Superman movie.

In the old Welsh and English legends and mythologies, Morgause is the half-sister of King Arthur. Morgause and her son Mordred are portrayed as the chief antagonists to King Arthur and his counsel Merlin the magician. Lochru in gypsy dialect means ‘a druid seer.’ In Arthurian legends, Lochru was a druid who saved Merlin from a fatal wound. However, he stayed neutral and did not take sides in the war between Arthur and his nemesis. If you are inspired by druidism and wish to give your newborn a bella aquila restaurant, we have compiled a list of options and their meanings to help you get creative. Nikephoros meaning “to carry a bear.” It is a perfect druid name especially for the ones who can transform into a bear or have a bear companion.

Cumhall is an important druid figure from the Fenian Cycle mythologies and is the father of the famous Fionn mac Cumhall. He is known to be a leader of druid warriors, called the Fianna. Cumhall is pronounced as ‘koo-aal’ and means ‘strong’ in old Irish dialects.

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