5 Types of Bangs and How to Style Them

This way to style curtain bangs will make your face look shorter thanks to the forehead-covering effect of the wispy bangs. For ones with round faces, you can try the basic long messy curtain bangs with loose ponytail. All these styles are really elegant and can accompany you in any luxury events. To flat iron your bangs, you’ll need a fine tooth comb and a half-inch flat iron. If you are planning on using a flat iron for your bangs regularly, a flat iron made for bangs will be worth the investment. Large flat irons increase the chances of having kinks and creases in your bangs and are not ideal for this type of styling.

I wouldn’t say I’m completely dependent on it, but let’s just say it plays a big role in making sure I don’t have a bad hair day. But after I plugged in the adorable palm-sized iron, I quickly realized I would be using this mini-me version just as often as it’s big sister for three reasons. Curtain bangs are a daily styling inspiration to stay away from boring hair. But if you are unsure of how to style bangs, you will spend hours in front of the mirror trying to discipline them or find a fringe for your face shape. There are many ways to style curtain bangs; some involve using velcro rollers, others require a solid effort with a round hairbrush and a hairdryer.

Sure styling curtain bangs with a straightener can seem scary and all. Luckily this quick clip shows you exactly how to do it yourself. You can set them with hairspray and call it a day, or you can wrap a folded bandana around your head for a vintage look. You could even curl the rest of your hair, if you’d like. Lift the upper layer up, spray the underside, then tease the roots with a fine-toothed comb. Use the handle of a rat-tail comb to divide the bottom layer horizontally, then spray and tease the underside.

Basically, I looked like Witch Hazel from Looney Tunes. It wasn’t until college that I discovered the Paul Mitchell flat iron, and I’ve been using different variations of it since. It proves that the right tool makes a difference, and I’ve seen it work its magic on several different hair textures and curl lofi album art patterns. If a flat iron needs all your might to keep the plates closed, you’re going to be in pain by the end of your straightening session. But when you want to smooth them out, these hot tools—irons, brushes, and combs—work wonders. If you want a face-framing style, go for the three roller method.

It also gets some bonus points for the luxe rose gold hue. This is a great value because you get two styling tools for the price of one. The styles of curtain bangs for wavy hair is similar to those of straight hair, except for the fact that the bangs will look more bouncy and flexible. Long wavy curtain bangs, wavy wispy bangs, wavy messy curtain bangs and wavy layered curtain bangs are all highly recommended styles to do with wavy hair. To prepare your wet curtain bangs for styling with your flat iron, use a round brush as you use your blow dryer. Make sure to blow the heat in a downward fashion.

It seemed best in my situation to just leave them alone. Once you master the bang blow-drying technique, finish by smoothing your bangs with a flat iron. The best way to do this is with a half an inch flat iron that can go all the way up to your roots.

Make sure that the nozzle is oriented horizontally. Brush your hair and separate it from your bangs. Brush out your hair so that it is free of knots and tangles first. Next, pull your hair back and secure it with a hair tie, leaving your bangs loose.

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