4 Seam Vs 2 Seam Fastball: Whats The Difference?

The answer to this question really depends upon who you are asking. In this article, the writer has and will be using the terms interchangeably. But out in the world of pitching, there will be some who will say the 2 seamer and the sinker are different.

A straight curve requires mastery of my beginners curveball, because many of the same principles that apply to both grips. This doesn’t mean that you have to throw a beginners curve . That’s because there is essentially no significant difference between a straight curveball and a beginners curveball, except for the finger placement of your index finger. It should be placedonthe baseball as opposed to pointed at a target. Whenever you are trying to elevate the ball in the Red Box or in an opposite arm side Purpose Zone (7/8) a 4 seam is more likely a better option because you want to keep the ball up.

You will find that this pitch will move based on the amount of pressure you use with your index finger. The other variable for movement will be how much you choke the ball in your hand. Additionally, as part of most player’s arsenals, these two pitches are strategized to attack low in the zone and are recognized for inducing weak contact. Smith plans to continue his research with colleague Lloyd Smith, a professor at Washington State University. “Pitchers don’t usually consider how air flows over baseballs, and nobody has ever really looked at it on a micro level,” said Smith.

Kirby didn’t spend any time with high-speed cameras or other modern gadgetry to learn and refine the pitch, either. He just discussed the grip with Ray, watched some of Ray’s bullpens, and began throwing it. He continues to throw a two-seamer and is now employing it at a career-high rate (20.4% of pitches) despite not throwing it the first two months of the season. Another more advanced variation of the curveball is the knuckle curveball .

Because a 4 seam fastball has no movement, the pressure on each finger before the throw applied to the baseball will be equal. Knowing when to throw a 2 seam fastball compared to a 4 seam fastball is an important skill to harness. If you are behind in the count, it might not be wise to throw this type of pitch as it may “run away” from the strike zone. Not much more is needed to throw this type of pitch besides emphasizing strong backspin, so a looser grip will help maximize the whip off of your fingers. Knowing when to throw a proper pitch when the game is on the line is something a pitcher must master. Knowing when to throw a 4 seam fastball versus a 2 seam fastball can be the difference between a strikeout, ball, or a base hit (or more!).

If a pitcher wants to generate more movement on his fastball, then a 2 seam is the way to go. A 2 seam fastball is held with the index and middle finger on top of the two seams in the middle of the ball with the thumb either underneath or slightly to the side toward the index finger. The goal when throwing a 2 seam is to create arm-side movement.

It gains its name from the view that is seen when the ball has been thrown; two seams, as opposed to four, are visible as the ball slices through the air. Try to exaggerate pronation on this pitch and you’re more likely to execute it with great movement. Four-seamer usage is declining again this season to 33.5%, replaced by more sweeping sliders and downward-breaking curves. He’s the veteran leader on a loaded pitching staff that includes young, talented starters Logan Gilbert and George Kirby. If you believe adding velocity could be critical to your success,check out my proven programs for pitchers of all ages. If you believe adding velocity could be critical to your success, check out my proven programs for pitchers of all ages.

The thumb should be in a comfortable position below the baseball, just like you would with a four seam grip. The pitch gets its name because it looks like you what is a 2 seam fastball can see four seams when it travels towards you. As the ball rotates you see four seams which is different than what you see with a curve or a two-seamer.

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