38 Blue Ombré Hair Color Ideas to Try

Ombre begins with bright blue roots and ends with almost white tips. Copy it, and you will feel yourself a real ice princess. This is a good option for girls who are intimidated by a full head of light blue hair.

Blonde is another popular choice for women of color. A warm-toned blonde perfectly fits with the dark skin tones. If you thought only dark colors can suit dark skin, then you are wrong. This lavender-colored is the perfect example of light hair color for dark skin. Here is a medium to dark blue that is still very bold and bright.

Because she has such ice blue hair it almost looks gray or silvery. It is a really fun color that looks great during the winter but is one you can also rock during the summer months as well. It is also a short hairstyle, meaning that it is not only cute but simple as well. This is a cross between the color of jeans and a baby blue color.

Navy blue hair works well on anyone with a warm and dark complexion. This short bob haircut required some navy blue hair dye for sure. This is another very subtle look that you can definitely tell is blue, but it is dark. It is still a very vivid color and likely looks amazing in the sunlight as you will really be able to see the blue in it. This is a shorter hairstyle and there is nothing cuter than short hair.

If you have dark hair – anything from a level 3 or 4 – you will need to use bleach to achieve the ash blue shade. If you have blonde hair, you can go for a lighter, pastel blue or ashy turquoise color. If you have dark hair, you may end up with a darker, more navy shade of ash blue. Ash blue hair is a cool-toned shade of blue with grey undertones. Balayage is a technique that gives you two or more shades in your hair. But it’s not easily noticeable like an ombre for instance.

This starts off as a platinum blue which then fades into a pastel blue that then fades into an electric blue. It is a really fun and unique look that will require a lot of hair dye and a lot of time. Even her cute hairstyle and the almost futuristic blue look to be anime related. When you are going through hair ideas, this would be one to go with if you already have lighter colored hair as it is lighter in color on its own. This is some pastel blue hair that is very subtle in its own way.

If you are a fan of bright colors then you will surely love this peachy pink hair color for dark skin. When it comes to hair dye, sometimes you can’t have enough of it to get a look like this. You would need multiple shades of blue as well as a blonde hairstyle to start out with in order to get this exact look. Another blonde and blue best protective hairstyles for sleeping hair look that combines the extreme of platinum blond with light teal hair color to go along with it. This look even has purple at the roots, keeping them shaded and therefore easier to keep up with whenever your hair begins to grow out. This is another color that looks like it was taken from a favorite pair of jeans or a jean jacket.

If you think you can’t achieve bright blue ombre hair on the black base, think again. In fact, this is actually a transformation from a light copper and red style. Going darker can make damaged hair look more vibrant and healthier. We’re back to the brown-blue idea, but this time we lightened everything up. If your natural hair color is light brown or dirty blonde, we encourage you to mix it with a lighter shade of blue for your ombre hairstyle.

Play around with different hairstyles to reveal as much blue as you desire. For an all-over blue look, use a blue hair dye to color your entire head of hair. You can either choose one shade or mix and match different shades to create a unique look. For a color melt, blend a few shades of blue hair dye together to create a natural-looking gradation. The highlights in this hairstyle are mind blowing and done perfectly. The natural hair is given a bit of a metallic look, and then the dark blue highlights are added to give this wonderful effect.

From Jennifer Lawrence to Katy Perry, everybody has tried their hands at the platinum blonde shade. It creates a contrasting effect that looks very smart. I loved my mermaid hair, but it’s also been more work than I expected. Because of that, I’ve since let my hair grow in brown instead of re-coloring it. That said, through my time with colorful hair, I learned a few key lessons.

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