23 Thanksgiving Hairstyles for Every Hair Texture in 2020

We love them here on Justine Skye, since they really pop with her fall hair color. Since you may also be helping with preparing for the festivities, you’ll want to get a Thanksgiving hairstyle that’s easy to do while serving a bit of glamour. So, our top pics range from easy to do if you’re in the kitchen to the exotic if you’re having a formal family function this Thanksgiving. Hidden Crown’s new Flip-Up Clip is a single clip in piece designed to add volume to your hair. It’s an upside down clip in that is perfect for updos, topknots, ponytails and side braids. The Flip-Up Clip is double-drawn and made with ethically-sourced 100% REMY human hair.

If the braid comes loose, it won’t appear as a tight crown. Grab a bobby pin and insert it down into the top of your knot. This will disguise any separation between the two sections, and keep your knotted ponytail secure. There’s no hairstyle more fitting for our water sign than duh, mermaid waves. The soft elegance also fits the gentle personality of a Pisces perfectly. Quirky Aquarius, you’re all about self-expression and thinking outside of the box.

Make your stunning locks the center of attention while giving thanks this year. Who said the turkey has to be the star of the show? The best part about theseDream Coatblowouts is – they last. So you can do all the beach wave perm thin hair work the night before and roll out of bed looking “glass-hair” glam. Part your hair down the middle and separate it into two sections. Secure one side while you work with the other, so they don’t get mixed up.

We are loving the return of the sixties style thick black headband. Pair it with jeans and a blouse, a sweater, or even a simple dress and you will have yourself an easy hair solution. A great way to detail and dress up any hairstyle, up or down is with adornments or hair accessories. Here you will find some of our favorite ways to turn your hairstyles into something fancy. The best part, you can add them to a dressed up or down look and it will look perfect. It’s Thanksgiving morning, you have been up since 4 or 5 am, preparing the dinner of your dreams for your family.

Everything is going perfectly as planned, but the clock is tick tick ticking away. Before you know it, the entire family and some dear friends will start entering your home in a mad rush. You look at the clock and realize you really only have 1 hour until that happens. After a mini panic attack, you say to yourself, well, I better throw myself together as fast as possible. This will have you ready in a flash and looking like you spent hours.

Go with what you know and curl some light waves through your strands. Top it off with a simple headband for an easy look that still makes a statement. To create this look, create a deep side part and then flat iron your hair.

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