20 Celebs Who’ve Undergone Weight-Loss Surgery

Hilaria said he did it by changing his diet, cutting out sugar and refined carbs, and working out every day. Alec Baldwin lost weight with the help of his wife Hilaria Baldwin. And consisted of healthy fats, protein, and fruits, and the occasional glass of wine. Defend herself against people saying she looked “emaciated,” according to E!

“I thought it was a thyroid thing, so I was going to the doctor and getting blood work done,” she replied to an Instagram follower. The former American Idol judge underwent gastric bypass surgery in 2003, and he’s since kept off the 114 pounds he initially lost. “You have to change the way you think about food,” the Name That Tune star explained in a 2022 tip for his company Unify Health Labs. “You have to almost have a complete divorce breakup … and start back bit by bit and find out the things that work with your body.”

The autoimmune disorder causes more thyroid hormone than the body requires, and is dangerous enough to cause complications such as cardiac disease and stroke. Since then, she has felt the need to be serious about her health and began to exercise and diet. The 48-year-old has gained all the professional acclaim in her life through her inspiring voice and artistic abilities, so what was the motivation behind her weight loss? Osbourne lost even more weight, revealing the number in August 2020.

She set out on a mission to lose some weight to become lighter and younger. The Daily Mail reports that she shed more than 70 pounds in 2014. Her entire fanbase was shocked by an Instagram photo because she didn’t resemble the person she had been in the past at all.

However, maintaining this routine became increasingly difficult for her. She lost weight by working out and eating healthier and now she’s showing off her new, slimmer body. Missy ElliotConsequently, the American rapper was more worried about her own well-being than anyone else’s. Elliott revealed a new photo of herself lsat prep courses miami in 2018 that showed her slimmer, healthier and with noticeably younger-looking skin. She kept encouraging those who were still skeptical about losing weight and eventually, the numbers showed what she had accomplished. It took her four months, but she managed to shed 30 pounds despite her hectic schedule.

For a lot of stars, there’s a societal pressure to look your best 100 percent of the time and intense scrutiny over weight. The following celebrities have been open and honest about having weight-loss surgery—here’s what they’ve shared about their journey. He revealed that he was required to take a physical during Season 6 on “Entourage” and, though he passed the physical, his weight was surprising. He credits the right diet, discipline and hard work for his body transformation. Over the years Ethan Suplee has lost a whopping 200 pounds!

She shared that she was “so proud to feel” like herself again. Simpson credits her long-time trainer for helping her shed the pounds in such a short amount of time. The singer cut down her bread and consumed just beer, no drinks, or soda.

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