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And just like the iPhone XS models, you can adjust depth of field after taking a photo. The dual-lens on the iPhone XS allows the camera to create stunning bokeh . The new Depth Control lets you adjust depth of field after taking a photo in Portrait mode. You’ll also have access to a range of Portrait Lighting effects. Apple has been working on improving the quality of the background blur in Portrait mode. But the most exciting advancement with these new iPhones is that you can adjust the depth of field.

When shooting at 30 frames per second, the new iPhone delivers noticeably better dynamic range than the iPhone X, and this has also resulted in reducing the cyan-shift artifact . As in still imaging, some color flares are occasionally visible in video clips. In the samples below, you can see that dynamic range has been improved noticeably over the iPhone X in both shadow and highlight areas of the frame. In our comparison, the Huawei P20 Pro captures a touch more highlight detail, but renders a flatter image overall with less contrast.

If you shoot an ordinary camera you’ll have to work a lot harder with lighting to get the same results you could have gotten just shooting it on iPhone. All my shots are in focus, well exposed, have great color and magically shoot in HDR instantly when needed so my highlights and shadows and everything always look perfect. The iPhone’s facial recognition, lacking in those DSLRs, ensures better focus more often for people pictures.

The iPhone Xs has none of Samsung’s distortion problems with their displays being partially hidden behind the curved sections of their glass. Brilliant is how fast you get to the camera or flashlight — just press the icon on the lock screen and you’re there! The camera is now the world’s fastest waking and shooting camera. If you watched this year’s iPhone launch event, you could’ve been forgiven for thinking that the iPhone XS is the most underwhelming ‘S’ upgrade in the iPhone’s history.

Touch screens don’t work underwater because they’re all wet. I’d suggest tapping either of the up/down volume buttons to shoot each photo, and to set the photo/video mode and zoom before you go under. This is even better than full-frame cameras because the human eye usually finds it weird and unnatural when foregrounds are fuzzy. While full-frame how much to sell iphone xr cameras blur foregrounds and backgrounds equally, the iPhone’s portrait mode applies additional blurring only to the backgrounds, which looks even better. Smartphone similar to iphone xs max with blank white screen for Infographic Global Business Marketing Plan. You can use Portrait mode on both the rear and front-facing cameras.

But it offers a similar amount of creative control to the iPhone XS and XS Max. The iPhone XS Max is really just a bigger phone for bigger hands and a slightly longer battery life. The Apple iPhone XS Max features dual rear cameras, comprising 12 MP + 12 MP Dual Primary Cameras sensors, and supplemented by Quad LED True Tone Flash.

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