10 Ways Golf Taught Me to Be a Better Writer

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“It is good sportsmanship not to pick up lost balls while they are still rolling.” “On a recent survey, 80 percent of golfers admitted cheating. The other 20 percent lied.” “The ardent golfer would play Mount Everest if somebody put a flagstick on top.”

Therefore, it is vitally important to us that we continue to attract top talent to help us realize our goals. G. While writing long posts try to define an outline before you start, take it steps wise to the main subject, and then paint the picture. I’ve played countless rounds of golf in my lifetime, and the one constant in all of my best rounds has been my success at the little things.

Anything that goes in-depth into golf can be a potential topic. If you answered yes to any of the questions, you can write content for us. In the past, The Golf Academy hasn’t used guest writing extensively.

You might free your mind up a bit, but we make the most mistakes when we rush. Golf is a game of precision and accuracy. If you’re serious about your game, every stroke you take requires careful consideration.


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I can shoot the best round of my life one day then go an entire round without making a par the next day. It’s what I love about the sport though—there’s always a next round. You’ll begin to pick up on what works and what doesn’t, just like you pick up on the speed of the greens after a couple holes. Courses only get easier the more you play them. You learn their nuances and find the best way to approach each section. As you get to know your target audiences, you’ll know which approaches work with them as well.

You can feature the leader board, European tour, Champions Tour, or any latest news about pro golf and the players. A huge deal of golf revolves on tournaments, especially PGA. It generates millions of viewers worldwide. Your topics can be about the tournaments, player statistics and rankings, inside scoops, behind-the-scene stories, and losses and wins. Golfers are always on the hunt for the best places to golf. Plenty of magazines, on the other hand, have come up with their own list.

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