10 Bleach Levels Of The Hair 101: From Dark To Light

Hydrate it with argan or coconut oil every day, applying some drops to the long part of your hair and the ends. You shouldn’t simply breathe a sigh of relief because your hair didn’t fall out after the first bleaching treatment. When she finished bleaching her hair, she still wanted it to be lighter. And this is that many people believe that these sudden changes in hair color are done almost as if by magic without having to pay any type of price.

Conditioners add back the lost moisture to your hair, and help bring it get back to its healthy state. Consider doing a gentle oil massage with coconut oil, olive oil, or other hair oils to add some shine and moisture to your hair. Follow up with a gentle shampoo or cleansing conditioner. Also, do not forget to apply a leave-in conditioner before leaving your hair to air dry. Hitting your bleached hair with heat from a hair dryer, hair straightener and styling irons will put undue strain on strands that are already compromised. When you do blow dry or heat style your hair, opt for the lowest possible heat settings.

These types of treatments aren’t sold to customers, just licensed professionals. Once the formula is all mixed, it’s applied to those small sections and then the hair is covered in foil or plastic, which will then marinate for 30 to 60 minutes. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT WEEKS. I just bleached my hair for the second time in two weeks after not leaving it to develop for long enough on my length. DO NOT WASH your hair for as long as possible, wear a hat, put it in a bun, etc. the natural oils from your hair will rehydrate it and help protect your scalp from chemical burns. Get a hair mask, try argan oil and keratin to help with frizz and rehydration! Just take care of your hair, it’s much stronger than you think.

“When you are working with darker hair, you are dealing with red and orange undertones, and these will be the first colors to be exposed,” she says. This is very important, given that your base color will determine if you need to do more or less bleaching sessions. It’s not the same to achieve a silver blonde starting from a light blonde as it is starting from a dark brown. However, I would recommend going to a professional hair stylist to get your hair bleached, especially since it’s the second time around. If you’re a cool-toned, silver, or platinum blonde, you may notice that the more time you wait in-between appointments, the more your color errs on the side of yellow .

For added protection, rub coconut oil from the root to tip within sectioned hair to hydrate hair. Henna is a natural hair dye that darkens hair, but like any hair product, there are pros and cons to be aware of before you use it. Toner is essential because what hair to get for goddess braids it redeposits color on hair after it’s stripped from the strands by the bleaching process. It does not, however, lift the shade of your hair. There are also ways to lighten your hair naturally at home that don’t involve the use of harsh chemicals.

Coloured hair, especially bleached hair, needs a regular hair care routine to nurse it back to health. If you do not take care of your hair after it is bleached, you may have to face a lot of hair issues such as dullness, coarseness, breakage, split ends, etc. Prevent brassiness from forming in your newly-lightened locks by washing with purple shampoo. Make sure to moisturize and lighten your blonde tones with a blonding conditioner to keep your hair feeling soft. Natural bleaching agents like apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, chamomile tea, or cinnamon and honey can lighten hair gently and naturally with minimal damage.

This allows the hydrogen peroxide to penetrate deep into the hair shaft where it oxidizes the existing pigments, rendering them colorless. If possible, avoid thermal styling which can damage your hair. If you cannot do without thermal styling, use heat protection products.

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